Leaving Facebook

So hot right now: deactivating your Facebook account. My newsfeed was little more than a barrage of  baby bumps, Buzzfeed, and brags. It was time to go. Leaving is liberating. I suggest you try… Continue reading


It’s that time again. Chromecast This tiny $30 gadget will project any website (including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO GO) from a Chrome Browser on your phone, tablet, or computer. One of the best… Continue reading

Quality Romantic Movies

Before you read this post, there are a few things you need to know about me. For one, I have never seen The Notebook, and I never will. If you’ve read this blog… Continue reading

Rounding ‘Em Up

A brief blog hiatus almost always leads to a newsweethottness round up. So here you have it: MISADVENTURES MAGAZINE This recently-launched online magazine — “by and for adventurous women” —  is like the… Continue reading


I love reading all the best songs & albums of the year lists because they usually coincide with me receiving iTunes gifts cards in my Christmas stocking. These lists, however, are only somewhat… Continue reading