Six Summer Films

Summer is in full swing, and here are six movies to complement what I often consider to be the best season of year.   Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson takes on adolescent love in… Continue reading

Several Things

Ok, so now I’m beginning to think that I need to maybe start doing a regular monthly round up of sorts because I have been so terribly inconsistent writing posts here. To make… Continue reading

Curb Shopping

Curb shopping is so hot right. Curb shopping is the name I have assigned to stopping when you drive past free stuff that’s out on the curb for trash pick-up. We’ve gotten a bed,… Continue reading


Created by a teenager from Italy, the uber-sleek game app 2048 is so hot right now. This elegantly designed puzzle game is simple, elegant, and quite fun. The game’s premise is to slide the… Continue reading

Films with Female Protagonists

It’s no secret that major Hollywood films often have racist, sexist, and classist tendencies. Art imitates life, right? Or is it the other way around? Anyway, they influence each other. Alas, not too surprisingly,… Continue reading