“Higher Ground”

Most movies about faith tend to swing towards one of two extremes: mocking or manipulating.  Either they poke fun at a religion and its followers or attempt to convert you.  Rarely does one… Continue reading


This is perhaps the most inexpensive, healthiest (unless you drench it is butter like me) snack possible, which makes popcorn so hot right now.  Don’t buy the microwave kind (sorry, Boy Scouts); and heaven… Continue reading

Frisbee Golf

So  long as you play with people who are not significantly better than you, frisbee golf is the newsweethottness.  This time of year is a perfect time of year to play — pre-daylight… Continue reading

Nonsaccharine Inner-City School Movies

I spent two years teaching at a Title 1 middle school, which was, by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Hearing a bit about my experience or the fact that I taught… Continue reading

Denver Chocolate Pudding

I love desserts that are simple, quick, and don’t demand an extra trip to the store. Denver Chocolate Pudding is one of them. I made it last night and trust me, it so… Continue reading