About (Jacobim Mugatu Had It Right)

Hansel is so hot right now.  But he’s not the only person, place, or thing that radiates hotttness.  He shares that category with other sundry newsweethottnesses that need to be passed along to the greater global community that is otherwise known as the world wide interweb.

I didn’t invent the piano key necktie, but I feel my judgement is sound.  Roughly 99.3% of  sweethottenesses featured on this site are from friends, family, and other random cool cats and sly dogs who cross my path.

This isn’t about originality.  I’ll leave that to Tavi Gevinson.  This isn’t about feeling high on life all the time like those overly self-indulgent, coffee-obsessed, quasi (faux?)-intellectual, twentysomething newlywed, artsy-hipster-Joanna Goddard-wannabe, narcissistic blogger-types.  I try to avoid that sort of vapid jenkus.  This is about sharing information. Plus, highlighting things I like helps me temper my inner cynic. Wins all around.