Lately, Y’all

Lately, y’all, I haven’t been feeling great — like, for the past few months. And honestly focusing in on some of life’s brighter spots has been hard because when you feel ill, all you want to do is lie in bed all the time and do nothing. But of course not everything is terrible — I just haven’t had eyes to readily see and ears to readily hear the little blessings embedded in daily life. But I’m trying to sharpen my sight and hearing for that, and so to that end, I’ve cataloged a few items here that have helped perk me up recently.

Riley Curry
But really, though. We all know who the real NBA MVP is. Minutes four and six are the most entertaining. Also, let’s go ahead and nominate Stephen for Best Young Dad of the Year while we’re at it.

La Croix
No calories. No artificial sweetener. Great taste. Yasssss. My favorite is cran-raspberry. I’ve recently realized that in a normal week, I drink pretty much only water and the occasional glass of wine. Discovering that Aldi’s sells these by the caseload has played a big role in ramping up my beverage game. This is my new beach/pool accessory.

Dept. of Speculation, by Jenny Offill
A sharp, smart, swift novel. Easily my favorite book that I’ve read so far this year. It’s just barely over a hundred pages long, so you could whip it out in a quick weekend.

Jessie Ware’s Tiny Desk Concert
She is both charming and stunning all around: visually, vocally, musically. I love this stripped down performance so much. “Say You Love Me” is my absolute favorite.

Listening to The Audiobooks of Cuckoo’s Calling and The SIlkworm
Robert Galbraith can tell a damn fine story. “He” is, after all, FREAKING JK ROWLING. Ok, so, this is truly the best tale for roadtrips because the descriptions are so vivid, the plot has all sorts of fun suspenseful twists and turns, and she deftly invests readers in her characters. I’ve been glued to these audiobooks to to the point where I’ve been bringing it in from the car (a first for me as far as audiobooks go), listening while cooking dinner, answering emails, lying in bed doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself, and writing this (yes, for real) — I’ve even been eating my lunch in the car to catch a few more minutes of the story. I’m not even kidding.

Even more amazing than I had remembered from my elementary school days.

I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times by Jamie xx, ft. Young Thug and Popcaan
If gushers were transmorphed into a song, this might be it; well, let me adjust slightly — this is the musical version of gushers if they were doused in alcohol, or something. I say that last part because the lyrics are fairly explicit in some parts (READ: CRUDE), but it’s just all so catchy. I can’t resist. The perfect summer anthem. Thank you to this Misadventures Trail Mix for introducing me this this song.