January Round-Up

So hot right now:

Dressing Comfortably on New Year’s Eve
I dressed like Zoe Barnes: jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, sneakers (and no, not just for kicks — party attendees were asked to dress like a famous person from 2014). It was glorious and I’m not sure if I can ever turn back because sometimes COMFORT > GLITZY GLITTERY GLAM GLAM.


These 5 Movies (Currently Streaming on Netflix)
Maybe you don’t have your own account, but you can always snag your younger brother’s roommate’s stepmom’s log-in info like I did that one time. But really, these movies are great! And easily available! And my sis and friend helped me curate this list! So go read it!

Changing Your iPhone Alarm Ringer to Timba
You wouldn’t believe the angst that surfaces when I’m trying to select a new ringtone for my morning wake up call, a process that occurs roughly every couple months after I grow steadily desensitized to the current alarm. But Timba, glorious Timba! I’m so glad I found you. I like you. My husband likes you. And you haven’t yet failed to rouse me from my slumber. Here’s to many more months together! Dare I say years?! Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I suppose. Anyway, here’s to now.

Black Mirror S1:E3
My Bible Study leader recommended this show with very pointed instructions: “Whatever you do, don’t start with Episode 1,” she said. “Watch the third one first.” When she speaks, I listen, and it always pays off. This is the only episode I’ve seen of this critically acclaimed British show, and it was FASCINATING. My mind was reeling by the end. Be forewarned, though, it is dark. You might want to have a debrief discussion buddy by your side, as it will have you thinking long after that harrowing final scene.

Common’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech
This was the most meaningful, poetic, timely, beautifully articulated speech of the night. “Selma is now.” And what a great song, too — go download “Glory” if you haven’t already.

This is perhaps one of the most underrated movies of 2014. Now I’m not saying it should be an Oscar frontrunner or anything, but it is so enjoyable and seems like no one was talking about it. And so here I am to put that to an end. This heartfelt film is perfect for those moments when you’re wanting to watch something fun and feel-goodish without compromising your intelligence.

Leon Bridges
I’ve only heard two of his songs, but they are on repeat over here in the Mooney home.