Various Tips

I’ve received some helpful tips that I would like to pass along, PSA-style. So here you go:

Use herbs as filler — basil, mint, oregano, rosemary. They smell delicious and look fantastic. Exhibit A, compliments of my professional horticulturalist mother-in-law:


I was one of the few who was devastated by the death of  iGoogle. I religiously used the post-in note app on my page to track random thoughts, songs, articles, quotes, etc. in my various internet-ery activities. I loved that I could easily access it from any computer, anytime. I clumsily replaced it with email drafts when iGoogle left the cyberworld for good, but that was a rookie mistake. Much too cumbersome. Enter for the win. I’m late to the game here, but this little site has proved even better than anything iGoogle could possibly offer. It’s sleek, streamlined, simple.

I have sensitive eyes, which means I have to buy expensive mascara (ie, more than $7 a pop — *groan*). Cheapskate that I am, I cringe each time I purchase a new tiny tube that costs more than my blush, eye shadow, and concealer combined (ie, >$15). I know, I know. I need to quit my whining. But one thing that has helped curb my chagrin-laden mascara splurges is this tip that has prolonged the life of my black gunk collection: when it’s starting to dry out, add a drop or two of contact solution. It practically double the life expectancy rate. My mascara is always drying out long before the expiration date. Adding a mere drop or two prevents premature death, a la Fountain of Youth. Your move, Ponce de Leon.