This is one of the most thought-provoking, innovative films I’ve ever seen. Directed by Richard Linklater (of Before Sunrise trilogy fame), Boyhood took twelve years to create. Nearly three hours long, the film depicts the, well, boyhood, of Mason, beginning at age five and wrapping up at age eighteen. It’s not a documentary, but it has a profoundly organic, realistic feel. Ellar Coltrane, the protagonist, does a phenomenal job, as does Ethan Hawke as his dad, Patricia Arquette as his mom, and Lorelai Linklater (yes, Richard’s daughter) as his sister.

Don’t be intimidated by the movie’s length — even my husband, who gets antsy after watching an hour-long TV show, said it was so captivating that he lost all sense of time.  When we left the theater, we took a spontaneous twenty-minute walk through a nearby neighborhood to process and unpack the film. Even now, a few days later, it’s still been top of mind and has come up in discussion several times. It’s incredible. Go see it.