Several Things

Ok, so now I’m beginning to think that I need to maybe start doing a regular monthly round up of sorts because I have been so terribly inconsistent writing posts here. To make up for lost time, here is a list of several things that are so hot right now:

The Empathy Exams, by Leslie Jamison
This book is superb. Truly. You can read my brief review of it here (along with a few other summer reading recommendations). Go ahead and bump this gem up to the top of your summer reading list now.

National Geographic‘s Women of Vision Exhibit
I saw this last week at the Mint and it was incredible. This traveling exhibit features the work of eleven female photojournalists on assignment for National Geographic. The photographs, as I’m sure you can imagine, are utterly breathtaking, covering a broad range of subject matter and content all around the world. Read more about the women (and see some of their work!) here.

“Too Young to Wed.” Nujood Ali, Yemen Photograph by Stephanie Sinclair, National Geographic

Following @MentalFloss on Twitter
So many fascinating facts shared on this Twitter account! Like the fact that Matthew McConaughey was in “Angels in the Outfield.” Or the fact that the Chinese invented nail polish about 3000, BC. Or the fact that Tetris is turning 30 this year. Or the fact that the Stanley Cup holds 14 twelve-ounce bottles of beer. Or the fact that “The Lion King” was Disney’s first animated film that featured an original storyline. Or the fact that David Foster Wallace once sent in a Believer subscription card with corrections that he made. So you get the idea — a variety of facts on a variety of topics. Not on Twitter? You can check out the website here, or subscribe to the print magazine.

Frances Ha
Man, I want to put an exclamation point at the end of that title so badly. Ah, well. No matter, I suppose. Netflix wouldn’t stop recommending that I watch this film, but I had never heard of it so I avoided it. But when a handful of friends with good taste kept prodding me to watch it, I finally got around to seeing it; and what a delightful film it is! It offers a realistic depiction of friendship and all the kinks in the road that come with being a somewhat clueless, directionless twentysomething trying to figure out life. Don’t let the black & white intimidate you — this is mumblecore at its best.

Shopping in the Little Boys Department at Wal-Mart
Much to my dismay, my neighborhood Wal-Mart (don’t judge me, it’s summer) ran out of the knock-off, cameo-print, TOMS-inspired slip-ons (USE ALL THE HYPHENS!) in women’s size 8.  They had plenty of the hot pink sequined ones in stock, but I wanted cameo, dammit. In a rare moment of brilliance, I flitted down a few aisles to scope out the shoe scene in the little boys’ section and — voila! — there they were: cameo-print slip-ons. More Vans-esque than TOMS-esque, but no worries. Because THEY ONLY COST $5. Half the price. And they fit like a dream. Did I hear someone say #lifehack?! Indeed.


Woman by Rhye
So, to my surprise, turns out this group is two dudes. Who knew? Not I. Nevertheless, they are easy on the ears in the best way possible. I’ve been drooling over this album for months now, but it has made a particularly fitting soundtrack for lazy summer evenings on the back porch. It’s oh-so-sultry. I could listen to “Open” all night long.

“Bob’s Burgers”
I never thought I was capable of enjoying a cartoon TV show for adults but “Bob’s Burgers” has proved my assumptions wrong. It’s just the right amount of hilarity (lots!) and sentimentality (just a slight hint from time to time!). Give it a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Lucky Charms For Dessert
Alright fine, I’m a NC public school teacher so I don’t buy real Lucky Charms (Aldi’s generic brand, duh), but you get the idea. They are even better than I remembered. And that purpleish milk at the end? Mmmm. Great for dessert. Or breakfast. Or brunch. Or lunch…. or, um, dinner for one. That and a bowl of popcorn. And a popsicle. And beer. Don’t judge me, it’s summer.

The Always #LikeAGirl Video
This one definitely made me cry. It reminded me of my eight year-old niece who is ardent, candid, fierce, creative, and unabashedly proud to be a girl. May we follow her lead.