PSA: the following items are so hot right now:

Dry shampoo: This stuff really works. If you know me well, you probably know that I view showering as an inconvenience. If I didn’t believe that refraining from showering would jeopardize my relationships, I probably wouldn’t do it. Dry shampoo is a lovely invention that allows me to space out my showers even more. It’s great.

Marion Cotillard: My sisters and I were recently discussing who we’d cast as Edna from The Awakening if we were making a movie (#homeschooled).  In a moment of brilliance, I suggested Marion Cotillard. While we all agreed The Awakening would make an ineffably dull, depressing movie, we also all agreed that Mme. Cotillard would be perfect for the role <collective sigh of relief>. Glad we got that resolved. But she truly is a fantastic actress, and, not to mention, stunningly gorgeous.


Book clubs: If you like to read, what is stopping you from doing it in community? You really should join / start one. My family has been using this gift exchange website for three years now and it has made Christmas shopping significantly easier. It randomly assigns you someone in your group for whom to purchase presents and gives everyone a ‘wall’ on which they posts their wish lists. The Facebook-esque interface makes it easy to navigate which is helpful for all those non-digital-natives in your family.

Sharon Olds: What can I say? The woman knows how to write a poem.

Seeing Gravity in 3D: Hurry, before it leaves theaters!

“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young: This has got to be the ultimate autumn song. And the video makes it even better. For one, it taught me that it was possible to turn a cheese grater into a microphone. Actually, scratch that. Just listen. Don’t watch.