If you ever have the opportunity to jump on the housesitting circuit, DO IT.

A few years ago my husband somehow became a semi-professional housesitter. We recently calculated that over the past six years, he’s house-sat at 22+ homes in the area. For about two years time (total), in fact, he did not have a lease or pay rent on his own place, but instead jumped from housesitting gig to housesitting gig.

The past week and a half alone, we’ve house-sat at four different places, including the Mayor’s charming 1940’s bungalow, a beautiful house that just went on the market for $1million+, and a lovely lake home (see pictures below) next door to the former Governor of North Carolina. The best part: we got paid to stay at these gorgeous houses.

This isn’t meant to be a ‘my life is so awesome and you should be quite jealous’ post. Consider it more of an exhortation: if someone asks you to house-sit, accept their offer.

Scenes from one of our latest sits: