Sweet Hottness Round-Up II

It’s been too long, which means there are lots  and lots of new sweet hottnesses to celebrate!

The Poetry Foundation’s App: For starters, it’s free… anddddd, it also spits out beautiful poems with a mere touch of a button. It features hundreds of classic and contemporary works. My favorite part is the ‘spin’ feature that matches different themes (e.g., ‘humor & spirituality’) and produces a list of poems featuring said topics. 

poetry app collage

Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe in Charade: Holly Golightly’s closet gets a lot of press (as it should), but Regina (aka, Reggie) from this classic tale of suspense, romance, and intrigue also knows how to work an LBD like its no one’s business. As well as a LWD (little white dress). And a LPH (leopard print hat). And a GYC (gorgeous yellow coat). She channels a slightly edgier Jackie O.


Audrey Collage

The Defining Decade (by Meg Jay): I’m not usually into self-helpy non-fiction books. I thought this book was one of those, but I was wrong (thank you, Mb, for recommending it). I don’t know about y’all, but my twenties have definitely not been all fun and games; though Hollywood and my Facebook friends’ posts about how amazing their life is (cf. Jenkus) might try to tell me that life as a twentysomething is just a series of awesome parties, work promotions, and luxurious trips to Europe, this book reassured me that I am not the only woman in her mid-twenties facing anxieties and fears about work, love, and the brain & body. It’s a super quick read — you really, really should read it.

Deb Pearlman’s Rice Krispie Treats recipe: Calling for just four ingredients, this spin on a beloved classic is  deliciously simple, and simply delicious. So  chewy! So nutty! So salty! So sweet! So  easy to make!

Following @SeinfeldToday on Twitter: Thank you, Trix, for letting me know about this nugget of brilliance. From Wired — “Seinfeld – the sitcom that was purportedly about nothing — ended its eight-year run in 1998, well before Twitter, Facebook and a million other modern pitfalls could make their way into the mundane comedy of the popular show. But thanks to a new parody Twitter account called Modern Seinfeld, we can imagine how the adventures of Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer might have played out in a more wired and socially networked era.”


The Sea In Between: This documentary is the fruit of a collaborative effort between Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music. Basically, they go to a remote island off the coast of  Canada and perform a series of breath-takingly beautiful songs in breath-takingly beautiful locations (a mossy dell in the woods, a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean, a historic chapel, a field of wildflowers, et al.). Along the way, the musicians do a lot of reflecting on the creative process, and strive to answer the question, ‘What happens when the ever-narrowing gap between artist and audience disappears?’ The experience is clearly transformative for the participants, and they invite you, the viewer, into that journey and experience.