The Lone Bellow


I don’t know about you, but my Twitter & Fb feeds have been hiccuping about these folks on several times over today (quickly found out there’s an NPR article accounting for this upsurge). The views of the video up top were in the mid-2,000s this morning. They’re now well over 3,000 at the time I’m writing this.

Anyway, I did a little digging, and come to find out, this band is the new musical child of Zach Williams — a guy I saw perform live several years ago, and someone my sis has been raving about for years and years. I’m not saying that as a snotty, record store clerk-esque type of, “Oh yeah, well I’m a true fan because I’ve been listening to them wayyy before they were popular” type of thing. I’m saying that as a “Wow, isn’t that crazy when people whose music you used to listen to disappear for a few years and then all of a sudden swing back onto the scene full force, rebranded and ready to party.” You know, like Katy Perry (totally had her Christian album back in her teenaged Katy Hudson days) or Joy Williams. Curiosities.

Anyway, Esther, you should be a talent prospect or something, because you listened to Zach Williams ‘ album on repeat for about a solid year straight there four years ago. Who knows, EMK? Maybe The Brothers Bloom will become the next all-of-a-sudden-deemed-a-super-cool-movie-even-though-it’s-been-out-of-the-theaters-for-several-years-now-a-la-Fight Club cult classic. Esther, you’d also be pleased to know that your friend Zach was tweeting earlier today about collaborating with Mason Jar Music (also so hot right now).

I perused some of Lone Bellow’s stuff via the wonder that is YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed what I heard: tight, graceful harmonies complemented with hearty soulful belting, poetic lyrics  infused with rich Biblical imagery, and all sorts of fun instruments: steel guitar, accordion, mandolin… they’re kind of like a blues-infused version the Swell Season, sprinkled with a little southern rock to taste.

We’ll see if Mr. Boilen is right in his prediction that this band will become a “household name” next year; their album–birthed from a Kickstart campaign–comes out end of January. I’m with Bob at this this point, though. The Lone Bellow: so hot right now.