Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Angels in the Outfield. It wasn’t on the same level as Little Women or The Sound of Music, but still, we were poppin’ that VHS in at least once a once a month for a few years there. The hilarity!  The heartache!  …and that little boy was so cute!

And, amazingly, he is so cute even still.

I say that with a slight hint of disbelief, because it seems that rarely does a child actor turn out to be a normal, stable, successful adult actor. The world watched Britney go crazy, and Jessica transform from abstinence-only-touting Christian girl into a fame-and-money-mongering fool. We watched JTT disappear from the face of the earth. We read with utter horror and disgust that Screech was directing his own sex tape. Um, ewwwwww. And just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, we are still watching Lindsay Lohan’s debacle of a life  meltdown into an even greater puddle of epic fails.

Oh, Li-Lo! You used to be so precious!

Then. Now. Depressing.

Sorry — I digress. This isn’t meant to be a ‘Where Are They Now?’ post. The point is, now and then, a few folks turn out ok. And some turn out to be more than ok.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt — so hot right now — is one of those.

Now there’s a happier collage.

I knew he had a part in Third Rock from the Sun, but had totally forgotten about his starring role in Angels in the Outfield until I heard the Nerdist Podcast (also sohotrightnow) interview with him. But seriously, can we talk about how he is truly a talented actor? …and easy on the eyes!

And the movies he is in are pretty much all fantastic. Looper: brilliant. The Dark Knight Rises: brilliant. Inception: also brilliant. Lincoln: going to be brilliant

Conor and I watched 50/50 last night. Whew. Making a comedy about a guy dying of cancer is a bold move, but they pulled it off quite nicely. Great movie. And if you haven’t seen Brick, a noir detective-eqsue film set in a suburban California high school, you should go ahead and rent that tonight.

Some more JGL films that come recommended: A River Runs Through It (he plays young Norman), The Brothers Bloom, and, of course, I’d be remiss not to give Ten Things I Hate about You a shout-out.

So, here’s to you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You have a cool  name. You have a cool face. You have good taste movies. Wishing you a stable career and life — may you forever be more like Ron Howard, and less like Macaulay Culkin.