Search Term-Themed Lists and Cut & Haste

Hi, Marybeth –

Afraid I’m going to pass. I fear I’ve seen too many search term-themed lists over the years. Thanks for thinking of us nonetheless.



Thus read the McSweeney’s rejection letter my friend received a few weeks ago. Even though McSweeney’s mis-stepped in neglecting to publish Mb’s list, they correctly identified an important truth: search term-themed lists are sohotrightnow.

They are. Especially this one:

Search Terms Used to Find My Site, According to Google Analytics
By Marybeth Campeau

keep calm and carry an axe

how to make a celestial globe

lettuce turnip the beet

1960s white lace dress

1970s schwinn exerciser

baltimore ravens charm bracelet with swarovski crystals bracelet extender

gator christmas tree

hand sewn embroidery pony

wooden barrettes tennessee

fire king blue milk glass plates with cherry detail

stuffed owl for baby

university of tennessee badge holder

wooden combs

i wish i had a penguin friend


(by Marybeth, via Cut & Haste)

And this segues nicely into the next newsweethottness: Cut & Hastefeaturing the artistic mastercrafts(wo)manship stylings of the one and only Marybeth. Witty, beautiful, custom art for affordable prices = the new best birthday gift option // amazing home decor that will render countless compliments (trust me)  // etc. You’d best order today, because Mb is leaving in a week or so to work at a school in Kenya. Oh, and I suppose I should add that having talented, supercool friends is also sohotrightnow.

Nb. The search terms used to find this blog are also somewhat entertaining… though mostly somewhat creepy — there is ALWAYS (literally, always) someone searching “sex teacher movie” or different variations of that (see “Non-Saccharine Inner City School Movies” post). Weirdus.