Geocaching has been sohottt for quite some time now, but I’m only just now basking in the hotness. My college friends would frequently embark on these outdoor treasure hunts, but I somehow never accompanied.

Well, that changed two weeks ago, when Matt & Julie came over for dinner. We were sitting around waiting for Conor’s bread to finish baking when geocaching made its way into our conversation. “There’s an hour left to the bread,” Conor said. “Let’s go now.”

Matt had the geocaching app in his phone. We looked up coordinates for a nearby cache, and found one less than a quarter of a mile away in what the hider described as OoWoo’s Alley. “A cache placed in honor of the pup of my childhood,” they wrote. “…minimize ‘suspicious’ behavior in this neighborhood alley. Room for tiny tradables, but bring your own pen, please.”

We dug out our headlamps / flashlights, leashed Riggins, and set out to find the mystery cache. I won’t give away the rest, but we were successful.

Two days ago, a group of eight of us dominated the other two caches within a 2-mile radius of our house. The Davidson Police weren’t too appreciative of our treasure-hunting efforts, though. On five different occasions four different police officers stopped us to inquire what we were doing traipsing through the bushes in an open field along Griffith Street and poking around the community garden behind the pizza parlor. Kinda felt like I was back in Williamsburg for a minute there.

These two were harder to find than the one in OoWoo’s Alley, thanks largely to one of them being barely larger than a child’s molar. But still, thanks to Brittany’s sharp eyes, we detached (it was magnetized) our prize. 

Visit this website to seek and find for yourself.