Cello Songs

JICYWTK*, Cello songs are the newsweethottness. These ones in particular are worth checking out:

“Cello Song” by Jose Gonzalez ft. The Books – It would only be fitting to start this list of cello songs off with “Cello Song,” right? This Nick Drake cover is featured on the uberhott, epic, anti-AIDS compilation album Dark Was the Night. It’s achingly wistful and reminds me of a poem my brother wrote for me.

“Captivity” by Ben Sollee – One of the most memorable concerts I ever saw was Ben Sollee with Daniel Martin Moore and Jim James at the Jefferson in Charlottesville, VA. It was the best kind of show — a mix of music and activism. Sollee & Moore had recently released Dear Companion, an album (produced by Jim James) that advocates against mountain-top removal in Appalachia. Music, at its best, inspires change;  Ben Sollee’s music seeks to do just that. This song is from his newest album, “Inclusions.”

“Hands in Pockets” by Laura Gibson ft. the Portland Cello Project – These PCP folks are popping up everywhere, it seems — and for a good reason. This song is simple and soft with a rich sweetness that is utterly exquisite.

“Lullaby” by Wes Swing – Hearing this song two weeks ago was the main inspiration behind this post. I don’t know much about Wes Swing, but I like his music. And what I do know about him, I like: Charlottesville native (yay!), went to W&M (yay!), is a friend of a friend’s friend (yay!), a whistler (yay!), he wrote a song adapting Ezra Pound’s poem “In a Station of the Metro” (yay!), and largely relies upon looping (yay!). Keep an eye on this one; his Pandora station is solid. Oh, and come to Charlotte, Mr. Swing!

“The Golden Apple Dance” by Tornado Rider – These dudes is crazy, y’all. A cello-based punk band? Could it be? Ohhhh, yes — and Robin Hood hats and river dances to boot! But f’realz, Rushad Eggleston, the frontman of the band, is a very controversial figure in the world of cellists. Watch the video and see why.

“All of the Lights” by the Portland Cello Project – A beautiful take of a great song.

“Shovel (acoustic)” by Katie Herzig – This graceful tune provides a healthy dosage of cheery-ness without sounding excessively syrupy.

*Just in case you wanted to know