Art from Art

Some of the best things in life — Babushka dolls, musical mashups (thank me later), nature’s fractals, metafiction, baked Alaska, Inception, this portrait of Stephen Colbert, the RT function on Twitter, The Girlie Show and America’s Kidz Got Singing on 30  Rock — are, or at least involve the concept of, objects stemming from an identical or similar object.

Not convinced? Nicene Creed boldly declares Jesus to be “God from God, light from light, true God from true God, begotten, not made…”

Can’t really argue with that one.

Believe it or not, those poetic words came to mind when I stumbled upon these two art projects: Barbie ma muse and the work of The Monster Engine.

There might be “nothing new under the sun,” but that’s ok because when we run out of ideas, supersmart folk like David Devries can just go ahead and make art from art.  That’s what he did when he decided to render young children’s drawings in realistic paintings.



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Or, like French artist Jocelyn Grivaud and her Barbie ma muse project:

To put it simply, art from art is so hot right now. Love it, live it, blend it, buy it, drink it, drank it, drunk it. Or better yet, make it. Who knows? Maybe art from art from art will be so hot right now in the weeks to come.