Stephen Colbert

Satire, at it’s best, serves as an agent of change — a mirror held up to society’s vices, a voice of reason crying in the desert, a spark igniting fires in bellies of the broader public, a magnifying glass placed against the pimples scarring the face of humanity, a … ok, I’ll stop. But you get the gist.

“Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow”

(via Reuters)

Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC — more precisely, The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC — is doing just that: critiquing outrageous campaign finance policies in a way that not only brings awareness a pressing issue (corporations’ attempts to wield power in the political realm), but also prompts a good deal of L-O-L-ing (and LMAO-ing, and LMFAO-ing, and SMH-ing, for that matter) along the way; and for that very reason, Colbert is sohotrightnow.

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