Obama’s Handwriting

Our President’s penmanship is superb (who knew?) — that is, it is sohotrightnow.  Seriously, someone needs to look into making it a font.  Had I known, I would have asked him to address my wedding invitations.

If we chose our President based on her/his handwriting, he’d be the frontrunner for sure.  For one, it’s fully legible — clear, crisp, not too small, not too big. It has a solid slant, and a smart blend of cursive and print — not too formal, not too casual. It’s simultaneously spunky and elegant. The letters flow smoothly on the paper (and yes, #2 was an excuse note written to a HS student who skipped school to attend a rally with her dad).

Take a look at some of his peer’s:

George W. Bush

Hard to read. Too many spaces (sincerely looks like two separate words). Poor budgeting of space on the sheet (barely enough room for his signature). I’s look like J’s or backwards C’s.  Capital T’s look like 2’s. Final verdict? Weak sauce.

Bill Clinton

Whoa. The extreme slant to the left is disorienting (NPI). Not enough space between the letters. Somehow reading this stresses me out.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Too sloppy and jumbled. Her lines are not straight in the least. It has a disconnected feel to it.

Ron Paul

Yikes — this is A) difficult to read, B) spindly, C) in severe need of a comma, colon, or dash after ‘Dear Charlotte,’ D) frail.  And points off for using a plus sign instead of an ampersand.   & > +  (!!!).  It wins every time.