Sleep Songs

Sleep songs are so hot right now.

The most recent issue of Time details what they consider to be ‘50 of the Year’s Best Innovations.’  Some are difficult to understand, some are impractical, some blow my mind, some are flat out bizarre.  It was particularly surprising, though, that a song made the list.  Marconi Union, an ambient band hailing from England, composed “Weightless,” a song pegged by Timeas “the world’s most relaxing song.”  According to the article, studies have shown that this song causes heart rate to slow by 35%

"Forest Bed" by Shana & Robert Parkeharrison (who are also so hot right now).

and reduces anxiety by 65% “as the listener’s body rhythm syncs with the song’s.” Don’t believe me? Listen to it.  But take heed — scientists warn folks not listen to it while driving, lest it induces sleeping behind the wheel.

I have a mixlist from college entitled “naptime” that is still near ‘n dear to my heart (and ears).  For me, life(fulltime grad school + fulltime employment) = significantly reduced nap-intake, but perhaps your own schedule might allow you to indulge more frequently; regardless, here are highlights from that list (n.b.: I lack any scientific research linking these songs with anxiety-reduction/slowed heart-rate, but I’m 78% certain they probably do both of those things approximately 93.333% of the time).

  • “January Rain” – David Gray
  • “Bass Trap” – U2
  • “Alone in Kyoto” – Air
  • “Indian Summer” – Jonsi & Alex
  • “Beach Party Tonight” – Yo La Tengo
  • “Black Mountain” – Cast Iron Filter

Next time you nap, put these songs on repeat — the ambient ambiance will make you feel like you’re in the womb again.