Protest Signs

I’m a sucker for protests.  I have not been involved in many; three, if you count the one in high school we seniors led to argue our Principal’s decision to ban our senior class shirts.  The t-shirts, designed for class color day during Spirit Week, read “We’re not cocky…” (front) “…we’re just better than you” (back).  His argument? “Cocky” was a sexual innuendo.  Hmm, maybe that’s what you think about, Mr. Cypress.  We thought it just meant “overly confident.”  We liked that slogan.  We didn’t like the alternative.  In fact, it was so lame and unmemorable,  I cannot recall what it said.  So, led by a courageous Bobby Purks, we tapped into our (shallow) pools of inner rebellion.  We turned our red t-shirts inside out and chanted rounds of “Cocky” repetitiously at the pep rally.  On especially brave soul even held up a sign that said “were not C@*#%, were just better than you.”  That sign sent a loud and clear message  to our administration: perhaps you should spend less time nitpicking at harmless class t-shirts and more time worried about student achievement, namely there their grammar skills.

Every good protest has a good protest sign.

Wit is a must.  Rhymes and puns also tend to be very effective.  Sarcasm is good too. Sometimes an acrostic gets the job done.  Recently, I have been savoring the enlightening — and often entertaining —  signs that have accompanied the various ‘occupations’ that have been popping up around the country.  And there you have it: protest signs are so hot right now.

Here are some that are particularly hott:

Ugly handwriting, but some damn good sarcasm

This one hits close to home for me