Female Singers

My iTunes is dominated by males in the same way my job at the public library is dominated by females.  Well, the library holds a more extreme ratio (23:1), but still — more balance in both cases would be beneficial.  Ergo, I’ll focus on my locus of control: some sweethottnesses of female vocalists.  St. Vincent and Feist have been receiving a good deal of attention — they’re sohotrightnow, but today I wanted to focus on other newsweethottness lady soloists.  I’ve grouped them into two categories for your convenience.

Female singers with high voices, specifically:

  • Lacrymosa  – Not gonna lie — she kinda looks like Egg, er, Ann from “Arrested Development,” but that doesn’t mean she’s not hot.  She is.  It should also be noted that anything Mason Jar Music does is always hott.
  • Elizaveta – Ok, so the video is dumb, but the song is catchy (and it was free on iTunes!).
  • Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet  Anything performed with Bela Fleck, Ben Sollee, and Casey Driessen is bound to be good, right?
Female singers with deep voices, specifically:
  • Laura Marling – Homegirl is, like, ten; well, nineteen — but still… any teen who manages to channel Nico (who, as it so happens, is also hot) is supersmokin’ hot.
  • Lisa Hannigan – This is the only song from her “Sea Sew” album that I like (with the exception of ‘Lille’).  Nonetheless,”I Don’t Know” is a great song.  While we’re talking about Lisa, her video for ‘Knots,’ a song featured on her newest album, is definitely worth seeing.  The song itself is so-so (npi) but the video is pretty hot.
  • Alicia Keys – This song is just as so fresh and so clean, clean as it was when I first heard it a decade ago.