Faves from 2016: TV

So I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll likely blog roughly once a year. Which is fine, because that means I can fall right in line with all the other ‘best of’ lists that… Continue reading

3 Documentaries

So hot right now: documentaries. I watch far fewer movies these. Having a newborn will do that to you, I suppose. But two films I’ve seen in the last several weeks were documentaries. They… Continue reading


Hiya, folks. A long blogging hiatus means a long list of hot things to highlight here. So let’s get started, shall we? Wanted, by Chris Hoke The year’s not over yet, but this is… Continue reading

So Hot Right Now: Preggerz Edition

I got knocked up. I’m with child. Pregnant. Expecting. Gestating. Carrying a baby. In family way. Gravid.  Parturient. Anyway, you get it. If you went based on blogs and Instagram posts, you’d think… Continue reading

Lately, Y’all

Lately, y’all, I haven’t been feeling great — like, for the past few months. And honestly focusing in on some of life’s brighter spots has been hard because when you feel ill, all you want… Continue reading